How to Build a 19" Standard Equipment Rack
(...for a budget of under $100.00)


For quite some time, I had been interested in building myself an equipment rack to house my server, and any related equipment. When I came across a great deal on a set of 4, D-Link 12-port 10-b-T hubs, I decided that the time to acquire a rack was now. After shopping around on the net, and not finding anything I wanted for under $500 or so, I decided to try my hand at building one myself. I headed off to my local Home Depot (tm) and after some shopping around, this is what I came up with.

This site will show you, in detail, each part you will need to purchase (with pictures), and instructions on how to build the rack.

Section 1
Tools Needed for this project.
Section 2
List (and photos) of all the parts needed.
Section 3
Instructions on how to build the rack (photos included).
Section 4
Photos of finished product, and example of use.

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