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What is the S.C.A.?

The S.C.A., or Society for Creative Anachronism, is a "not-for-profit" educational organization dedicated to researching, and recreating, the better parts of the Middle Ages. The time periods we re-create are from about 650ad to about 1650ad. There are chapters all over the world, located within 13 different "Kingdoms" (large areas of territory). Each chapter is referred to as a Barony, Shire, Canton, or College, depending on its membership. For more information on the S.C.A., please click the S.C.A. button on the main menu to the left.

My Involvement with the S.C.A.

I originally joined the S.C.A. in the fall of 1984, thanks to a friend (also still in), Ld. Barak of Cardiff. We were old gaming buddies, still in high school, and he had stopped by East Tennessee State University (E.T.S.U.) and noticed some rather strange individuals in different types of armour beating the daylights out of each other with big sticks. Well, to him, this was just too cool... It was like D&D in real life; little did we know how different it would turn out to be. Well, after finding out some information about this group, known as the Shire of Nant-Y-Derwyddon, Kingdom of Meridies, he quickly enlisted my interest and invited me along to their next fighter practice. Needless to say, I was in heaven! We quickly made some passable armour (parts of Barak's being made from an old Xerox copier), and started showing up. Soon after, I just bought a suit of leather armour from Ld. Vigbrand of Scandia...I didn't have time to make my own (I still use most of it was very well made brigandine). Our journey towards the dark side was, as they say, complete.

Household Affiliations

Within my first couple of years, the Shire had many turnovers, due to mundane obligations, and, not to mention a few internal political problems. I soon joined my first household, House Axe, headed by Ld. Vigbrand of Scandia. We had about a dozen members, but alas, it was not to last. I don't think that House Axe existed a year. Soon after that, I joined another household, The Free Company of the Galley LionSlayer, at its inception. It was headed by Ld. Christophe de Dunglas, and many shire members would eventually grace its rolls. I quickly became the first officer, a position I kept until the household's demise during Pennsic 25, in August of 1996. Since that point, I have been totally householdless...and enjoying every moment of it!

Offices I've Held

During my stay at Nant-Y-Derwyddon, I held many offices. My first office was Science Officer...yes, that was before they incorporated the Arts & Sciences offices together. Soon after, I was also the Chronicler. I ran the Shire's newsletter, The Wizard's Scroll, for a few years before turning it over to someone else. I then became Deputy Knight Marshal to Baron Sir Harold Bodvarsson, and kept that position through several other Knight Marshal's. During this time I also became the Constable for a span of about 3 years, and eventually dropping that and becoming the Herald, having been passed that office by Ld. Christophe. I held the Herald's office for a few years, never getting much accomplished (mostly due to the ineffeciant Kingdom Herald's office during that time). I eventually turned over the office to Artos Mor of DragonShade. I was still a deputy Knight Marshal to Scipio (aka Little Chris) until he left for mundane reasons, and then took over the Knight Marshal's office. During this time I also became the first Shire WebScribe, and created Nant-Y-Derwyddon's first ever home page for the internet. I held both positions until the first fighter practice in November of 1997, handing them over to Thorgrim Kettilson. I had just accepted a mundane job offer in Atlanta, GA, and therefore could no longer be a member of Nant-Y-Derwyddon.

A New Beginning

As soon as I moved to Marietta (just outside of Atlanta), I started looking for another S.C.A. group. Never having the desire to join a group so large as the Barony of South Downs, I was overjoyed to locate a shire, right here in Marietta / Kennesaw, called the Shire of Owl's Nest. At my first meeting, I found out they didn't have a Shire Webpage, so I offered to make one...therefore becoming Owl's Nest's first WebScribe. I still currently hold this position.

As of January of 1999, I am also the Shire of Owl's Nest's chronicler. And, on June 15th, 1999, I became the new Shire of Owl's Nest Shire Champion. Boy, do they hate the Madu down here...

Events and Such

At this point in my SCAdian life, I have been an active member for almost 15 years. I autocratted several events while a member of Nant-Y-Derwyddon, including two Giant's Dances, two Viking Raids, and co-autocratted several others. I received my Award of Arms (AoA) at Giant's Dance III, from Sir Richard of Raefen, who was King of Meridies at that point. I have attended the great Pennsic War every year since my first, Pennsic 19 (except for this past year, which I missed). I have been hired as a mercenary by the attendees from the Pricipality of Lochach (Australia) almost every one of those years. I much prefer melees as opposed to tourney lists, and would much rather marshall tourneys. However, here lately (Summer, 1999), I have begun entering a few tourneys here and there. And, I have actually done rather well. As my friend Ragnar often states: "If you keep kicking white-belted ass and taking down names, eventually they will have to give you one!" However, Knighthood just isn't something I've ever been interested in. However, becoming Meridies' first native "Master at Arms" is a goal I wouldn't mind going for.

Greatest Influences

Of all the gentles I've met through the S.C.A. over the years, two of them stand out the most. The first is my own lady wife, Lady Aeryana Morgan D'Lynn. We originally met at an event, Boar Hunt, many years ago, during her "S.C.A. wedding" to another individual. It was years after that in which we began dating and eventually marrying. She too is an authorized fighter in the S.C.A., and has hopes to eventually win Crown for herself. The other person who I hold in highest regard is Baron Sir Harold Bodvarsson. Throughout the years he has been a constant driving force in the Shire of Nant-Y-Derwyddon, though I doubt he realizes it. Even throuout all the political backstabbing and problems that shire has suffered, he is the one individual who stands out as being well respected by all. He taught me all I know about fighting in the S.C.A., and is the only Knight I've ever met who I would even consider squiring to (something I've never been interested in doing, however). To him, I owe much THANK YOU Papa Harold! Just remember Harold, YOU are the one (or at least one of the ones) who helped create this "evil mother*^#@%&" (as you enjoy calling me so often).

In May of 1999, I won the Shire of Owl's Nest's Shire Championship Tourney. Having recently seperated from my wife "Morgan", I also began dating a lady I have known for many years. Her name is "Sarah Grimes", also known as "Sarra Grey" in the SCA. While Morgan and I are still very good friends (having just decided we cannot live with one another anymore), Sarah has become the shining point of my life! I love her dearly, and we get along SO well.

I attended several SCA events over the summer and fall of 1999, including Tavern Brawl, where I came in fourth (purely by luck). Legends was Sarra's first SCA event, and she LOVED it. She's been going to SCA stuff ever since. Also, our shire (Owl's Nest) is putting on the 1999 Fighter's Collegium event in November. More when that is done!

(P.S. - Fighter's Collegium was a HUGE success! Kudos to all the shire folks!)

Recent Updates

Well, here it is, November of 2000. I drastically cut back on my fighting this year, mainly due to laziness and also because I now work 3rd shift. However, other things "SCA" have been going on. I am now the seneschal of the Shire of Owl's Nest (a position I once swore I'd never take). Also, as of the first of November, I am also the Kingdom Webminister for the Kingdom of Meridies. Whew...where *do* I get the time?

Sarah and I are *still* together, after more than a year and a half! Visit my "interests" section for a link to her own website!

Also, I have, for the past year or so, been very involved in playing two different computer games. The first is "Counter-Strike", a free mod of Half-Life. Awesome teamplay of terrorists vs counter-terrorists! A must! The other is "EverQuest" (also commonly referred to as "EverCrack"). Since I rarely have time to play D&D anymore, this is a good substitute!

July 2001 - Not much has changed. I am still Seneschal of the Shire of Owl's Nest, the Webminister of the Shire of Owl's Nest, and the Kingdom Webminister for the Kingdom of Meridies. I did finally step down as Deputy Knigh Marshal when Ld. Alan was able to convenience Sir Robert Greenhart to accept the position. Sarah and I are still together. On January 1st, 2001, we moved into a 4 bedroom house. Life is MUCH better now, without the roommate and all the annoying dogs he has! Life is good!

January 2003 - Yes, I know it has been a VERY long time with no update. However, here goes...

I stepped down as Seneschal of Owl's Nest in January of 2002. I'm still currently the Kingdom Webminister for Meridies. I enjoy it a lot!

As of January 10th, 2003, Sarah and I decided to part ways. The "reason" was her massive slide into depression, and her total lack of any sex drive. It was an amicable first. However, one week later, at Chatta*Con (weekend of the 18th), after having just told me that she was still suffering from the depression, and still had no sex drive (at lunch, at the con), she then goes and proceeds to sleep with two different guys later that night (one around 6pm, the other about 3 or 4am that night). When I asked her about that, she got very angry, claiming it was none of my business, and even said she was no longer depressed. Well, I cannot abide someone that lies to me, so I pretty much consider our friendship at an end. More about this can be found on my LiveJournal:

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